Caravan Gas Safety Certificate

Caravan Gas Safety Certificate

Caravans and Camper trailers that are fitted with brakes will require a Roadworthy Safety Certificate and a Caravan Gas Safety Certificate to transfer registration in Queensland QLD. If you are registering a Caravan or camper trailer in Queensland you will need a roadworthy RWC safety certificate and Caravan Gas Safety Certificate to apply for Queensland QLD registration.

Does your caravan comply?

  • Is there a compliance label fixed to the caravan in a visible location?
    • The compliance label is a statement from the gas fitter confirming compliance with regulatory requirements.  It includes additional important information such as gas fitter’s details, Notice of Completion number and installation date.
    • The customer should also receive a copy of the Notice of Completion specifying that the work complies with the regulations.
  • Does the caravan have adequate fixed ventilation?  Ensure these ventilation openings are never blocked off.
  • High pressure appliances (camping and portable equipment) are not permanently installed in a caravan.

Caravan Gas Safety Certificates

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