F. A. Q.

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

John Watson Plumbers have unique systems and procedures to ensure superior quality control and legal compliance. At the completion of each job all reporting is reviewed by our service department and senior staff and random Quality Audits are undertaken regularly to ensure jobs have been done properly.

Why does my kitchen sink drain so slowly?

Usually this is caused by a partial blockage to the drain under the kitchen sink. Firstly try using a plunger if you have one as this can sometimes push the blockage through. Secondly try using some drain cleaning solution like “Moflo” or something similar but be careful and be sure to read the directions on the bottle completely as this can be a dangerous product if used incorrectly. Thirdly try removing the trap below the sink to see if it is clogged with food scraps etc. This does require more technical skill. If all the above fails to clear the drain then it is more likely to be a larger blockage further down the drain and will require a plumber with the right tools and machinery to get the drain cleared fast.

A caravan gas safety certificate? What could this be?

Caravans and Camper trailers that are fitted with brakes will require a Roadworthy Safety Certificate and a Gas Compliance Certificate to transfer registration in Queensland QLD. If you are registering a Caravan or camper trailer in Queensland you will need a roadworthy RWC safety certificate and gas certificate to apply for Queensland QLD registration.

My water bill seems to be higher than normal. What could this be?

Other than the ever increasing cost of water these days it is also possible that there may be a water leak somewhere in your system that is contributing to the high water bill. Usually it is from slightly dripping taps and this can be easily spotted but there is also another common place that water can leak from and this is much harder to detect. It’s your toilet cistern. The easiest way to see if this is leaking is to place some food dye inside the cistern and then wait a few minutes. Look inside the toilet bowl. If the water is coloured then you have a leak and this could be costing you hundreds a year if not attended to. Call John Watson Plumbers for a free quote.

There is a bad smell coming from my sink waste disposal unit!

This is a common problem with these units as over time they do collect food scraps and debris that gets caught in the machine and begins to rot and stink. Use ice cubes and lemon peels and place them into the unit and turn it on for 20 seconds. Then whilst the unit is still running place some washing detergent into the unit and run it for a further 30 seconds. Then run cold water through the machine to clear and rinse away the rubbish.

How popular is the use of gas?

There is a growing number of people in Queensland who are using Gas more often these days then it was used in the past. With electricity prices going up like its nobody’s business, Gas is the next logical step being an economical natural resource. We are experts in Gas Fitting, Gas Installations and Gas Repairs so if you have ever thought of using Gas for your home appliances or need a repair on your existing Gas system then we can help you with all you gas related enquiries. We offer free consultation and quote.

Can I help prolong the life of my hot water heater?

It depends on what type of water heater you have. If it is a water storage heater (tank type) then yes. There is a valve at the top side of the water heater with a little easing lever on it. This valve is called the temperature and pressure relief valve and should be operated annually to ensure it is still working. Just pull the easing lever up for a few seconds and then release. Water should drain from the pipe. There are checks and tests that can be done but these must be attended to by a licensed plumber. Give John Watson Plumbers a call.

The hot water temperature in my home is too high. What can be done?

Most new hot water heaters are now factory set at 60 degrees and it is a requirement to fit a tempering valve that then reduces the temperature further to 50 degrees. This temperature is considered safe for households and prevents many scolding accidents. If you have an older system then there may be a dial on the unit. If so turn it down to the middle setting and this should reduce the temperature. If there is no dial or you have a different type of hot water heater then please call John Watson Plumbers and we can install a new tempering valve to protect your family.